Crowdfunding “Days Gone By (Part I)” DJ NEJO’s debut album. Here’s the story behind this succesful campaign.


Magic happens, sometimes. Last year while I was recording my debut album, Days Gone By (Part I), I thought “what about Crowdfunding?”



It might be the way to grow my audience, It might be the way to get my music out of the door, It might be the way to make my dream come true.


At the same time recordings were over, I started planning and organizing the crowdfunding.

It was an amazing experience, where I learned a lot.


DJ Nejo – Days Gone By (Part I) Crowdfunding Video


We’ve already made the first Video clip, “I Will Find You”, so I put the teaser inside the campaign. I’ve chosen some perks, and started sharing all over the web. It took some time to organize all the contacts from every source, all the links, images, description, and I had to choose the right words to promote this campaign. It was really helpful, a body of work that could be used again and again.

10th September 2016 the campaign was LIVE.

Fear was all over my body, but I was excited at the same time:

How would people have reacted to this? Would they listen to my music? Would the support this project? There was no time to answer all these questions. Me with my friends and family should only think about how to let the world know about this crowdfunding, to get in touch with everyone, and to share our content.

It wasn’t that easy, you have to explain every aspect of this project, literally, tell others what you’re doing, how to listen to your previews, how to contribute.

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed, sometimes you think you can’t make it, sometimes you think you shouldn’t even begin. But while you keep talking to everyone and working hard online and offline, you see the amount growing little by little, you don’t give up, and then…



We reached the goal a week before the ending of the campaign, so we could perform even better. It was incredible, 2 months of hard work but really worth the pain. I say “we”, because it was a team work. I couldn’t make without the help and the support from my family and friends.

We sold the first cds, we had vinyl pre-orders, and a dinner with a lot of friends to plan.


Ah, the album DAYS GONE BY (Part I) is out now and you can have a listen HERE

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It’s a #housemusic thing .

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